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Recently completed stunning new build of Severn Hospice.


The theme was developed around the idea of the surrounding oak trees and calming colour palettes. I was responsible for the finishes and fittings for the entire scheme.


Due to it being a hospice, materials had to be carefully chosen to meet hospice criteria. The finished product was stunning and complemented by Kate Bonds beautiful murals which created a flow of colour and calmness throughout the hospice. The client was delighted with the results.

Severn 2.jpeg
Severn Hospice 2-099_lowres.jpg
Severn Hospice Shrewsbury Elaine Lewis Designs
Severn Hospice Shrewsbury Elaine Lewis Interior Designer
Chief Executive

We have been on a journey to bring significant developments in the way hospice care is accessed and delivered. Under the umbrella of ‘living well’ we wanted to expand the scope of clinical and therapeutic day care to be more accessible both to those diagnosed with a life limiting illness as well as the people who care for them.


Our new community building is our vehicle for this change and Elaine’s (Elaine Lewis Designs) expertise and skill have truly been instrumental in us realising our vision. Her ability to make our imagination a reality whilst appreciating who we are and what we do, has been exceptional.


From the foundations of a beautifully painted picture she has created a beautifully warm space for our visitors to relax and get the support they need. A member of staff described the interior décor as ‘a huge hug – a warm blanket around her shoulders’. Elaine has created that sensation and for that we are truly grateful. Her attention to detail, organisation and connections with fellow professionals gave us the perfect recipe. One we will continue to recommend to everyone.


Thank you, Elaine.

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