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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution

An Interior Designer, Photo Stylist and creator of beautiful spaces, Elaine brings her friendly and professional approach to every client, on every project.

She has a diverse portfolio of schemes ranging from hospices and medical centres to exclusive homes and restaurants; but what is common to all, is great service, an eye for detail and a real sense of flow between spaces….they just feel right!

On many of Elaine's schemes, the client’s brief has evolved and been crystallised with her thoughtful and considerate input, often gaining influence from external settings. Where these opportunities have been identified, Elaine has successfully utilised her creativity and skill to produce designs and colour palettes that seamlessly blend the internal areas with those outside, resulting in spaces, furniture and furnishings that feel calm, fresh and are all complimentary to one another.

As well as leading her own schemes, or being a member of larger design teams on new or refurbishment projects, Elaine also works with retail and wholesale clients, in preparing room sets and furniture for photo shoots; getting their spaces, products, accessories and colour schemes ready to be captured at their very best. Elaine’s eye for so many details when accessorising and dressing the sets has proven invaluable for the professional photographers and clients she has worked with repeatedly for many years.

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