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Elaine Lewis is an interior designer that understands the importance of attention to detail.


She specialises in styling and finishing, adding those final touches that make a space truly unique. Her commitment to using only the highest quality items means that her projects are not only beautiful, but also durable and functional.


Take a look at some recent projects to see her expertise in action.

W&G IVORY, Willis and Gambier, Elaine Lewis Designs Finishing and styling
W&G, Elaine Lewis Designs Finishing and styling
W&G IVORY, Elaine Lewis
W&G, Elaine Lewis
Willis & Gambier, Elaine Lewis Designs
Angelelique Bed, Elaine Lewis Designs
W&G IVORY, Elaine Lewis Designs
Willis & Gambier Elaine Lewis
Wilis & Gambier Bedroom interior design, Elaine Lewis Designs
W&G ETIENNE, Elaine Lewis
Willis & Gambier, Elaine Lewis Designs
Styling Client

I am thrilled to write this testimonial for an exceptional interior designer who has truly transformed my showroom. From the moment I met Elaine, her passion for design and attention to detail was evident and it was clear she possessed a unique talent for creating stunning interiors. 

Working with Elaine was an absolute pleasure. She took the time to understand our needs for our showroom as well as the photography for our new ranges. Throughout the entire process her professionalism and expertise were evident. They meticulously curated every element, from selecting the perfect colour palette to sourcing exquisite accessories to match our furniture. 

Not only did Elaine excel in the creative aspect of this project, but she also demonstrated exceptional project management skills. She always tied in well with our photographer and always brought great energy and enthusiasm. 

I cannot recommend Elaine Lewis highly enough! Her talent, professionalism and dedication to creating exceptional spaces are truly unparalleled. If you are looking for an interior designer who will go above and beyond to bring your vision to life, then look no further! 

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